Monday, February 11, 2013

Visiting Erampatti Village School

What a reception we got at the village primary school when we visited the boys' classes.  The children rushed out and surrounded us.  We were well and truly mobbed, everyone was keen to shake hands and introduce themselves.  A tour of each classroom followed and it was good to see the new desks and cupboards that Payne Road State School gave them in October being put to good use.  The work we'd organised to repair the front gate had also been done and it was looking sturdy again with no danger of falling down and hurting any children.  This year we hope to make repairs to the school toilets including construction of  new toilets for the girls, and installation of a septic system and water tanks.  First we have to find out what approvals we need from the government and then we'll raise additional funds to complete the work.

Inside the Grade 9 classroom
Repairs to the front gate

Visiting the Grade 1 classroom
The abandoned toilets and open sewer in the playground

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