Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Around The Farm

Despite the drought conditions, farming activities have increased dramatically in the last couple of months.  Putting in the new dripper system has made a huge difference to how much we can grow.  The tomato plants are covered in ripening fruit, the brinjal also doing well.  Unfortunately the chillies haven't thrived and some lady finger (okra) plants will be planted in their place.  At the start of our 2 week visit the rice was still a vibrant green, but by the time we left, it was drying off in preperation for the harvest.  We were given 100 trees by the forestry department and planting of these has been started around the perimeters of the fields.  These will provide income through sales of teak wood in about 10 years.  After struggling with getting our farming activities up and running over the last four years we feel like we've turned a corner.  Our next step is to get quotes to deepen our well or dig a new one so we can keep increasing our output.

Gathering corn stalks to feed the cows

Breaking up urea to use as fertiliser in the drip lines
The rice fields just starting to turn yellow

Ladies from the village weeding the vegetable gardens
One of our calves

Off to sell milk to a tea stall in the village
Tomatoes from our gardens

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