Monday, September 24, 2012

Update On Girl's Building Designs - Karen's Visit

Our plans to take in abandoned baby girls may be a more involved process than we first thought.  Only 2 centres in our district currently have Govt. approval to take in abandoned babies under the State Government's Cradle Baby Scheme.   As part of this scheme, cradles are placed at certain hospitals and clinics so unwanted children can be left and given up for adoption.  We're make enquiries about how to be part of the cradle baby scheme, but at this stage we may only be able to take in girls aged over two years.  Our design engineer is preparing three design options for the new buildings which will include facilitiies to care for babies through to teens.  We're planning to incorporate mud bricks and solar power to create cooler and more environmental friendly buildings. To build with mud bricks, means we'll have to train the local villagers in new construction methods and there'll be a higher per meter construction cost.  However we feel it's important to show people how to construct buildings that are better suited to the climate using materials and technologies that don't cause as much damage to the environment.  Below are some photos of local mud brick buildings we looked at. 

This sit-out constructed from mud bricks provides a cool place to sit

The arches & curved roof beams eliminate the need for costly iron and concrete

Lots of cross ventilation is important

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