Friday, September 21, 2012

Shopping for Goats - Karen's Visit

My visits to India always include a few memorable experiences, like going shopping for goats.  We woke before dawn and drove for more than an hour to reach the large livestock markets near Dindigal, where we'd been told we could get goats at cheaper prices.  Our goal was to buy the rest of the goats we needed for our new goat group in the village.  Farmers travelled in from surrounding villagers and soon packed out the area. Men with big moustaches, sipped on tea, puffed on cigarettes and haggled over prices.  With 5 adults, 3 children and 11 goats crammed into the car, the trip home was quite hilarious, especially when all the goats started bleating.

Farmers with their goats hoping to make a sale
Hannah with a six day old goat
Many different breeds were available

Some magnificent moustaches were also on dispaly
Getting ready to go home with our new goats

There are actually 11 goats tucked into that space

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