Friday, July 26, 2013

Loose change for new loos

This term, Payne Road State School are raising funds to help us construct new toilets at Erampatti Village School.  Earlier in the term they had a special day where everyone recorded how many times they used the toilets at school and it added up to more than 500 visits to the toilet in one day.  Then they discussed what it would be like and how it would impact their health and playground, if like Erampatti School, they had no toilets and had to use the open fields.  For the next 3 weeks they are collecting loose change for new loos in a full-scale toilet money box specially modified by one of the Dads. A special Indian themed family fun night, and a uniform free day are planned for later in the term.  On election day they'll be selling novelty toilet paper at the school and the giant toilet money box will also make an appearance.  A big thank you to the school and Chris Bullock and her chapliancy team for all their efforts.

Collecting loose change for loos at Payne Road State School in Brisbane

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