Friday, May 31, 2013

Congratulations to all our grade 10 students

It was excitement all round when the grade 10 results came out today.  First we heard that our 3 boys Pandi, Abinesh and Rasu had successfully passed every subject.  Abinesh scored 399/500, a fantastic result, with 93/100 in science.  He'll be eligible to go to the first level class at Alanganular High School which is for top students.  Then the school rang Israel, very excited, they wanted to pass on their thanks for all our help with the tutoring programs and grade 10 classes.  Every single student in the class had passed all their subjects.  An amazing feat, the top scoring student got 447/500.  They were so excited and are planning a special celebration in the village.  What a fantastic result.

Congratulations Rasu, Abinesh and Pandi on passing your exams.

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