Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Special Grade 10 exam classes at Shalom

Over the Easter weekend, a 3 day Hindu festival was celebrated in our village, which meant extremely loud music playing all day and into the night.  Unfortunately, the day after the festival was over, the grade 10's were due to sit for their main English exams, and the school was very concerned they wouldn't be able to study.  So a special request was made to relocate Friday classes and exam prep classes to Shalom over the Easter weekend.  A couple of the teachers even volunteered to sleep overnight and help coach the students.  So over Easter, we hosted all the grade 10 boys and girls and their teachers at Shalom.  They loved it so much that they decided to hold the final 2 weeks of classes at Shalom with many students sleeping overnight.  It was a great time of working together with the community.

Grade 10 boys and girls studying at Shalom during April.

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