Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New toilets for our village school

I'm not sure if this is a good thing to admit, but today I'm looking into toilets.  Not literally, but on the web. 

The reason why is because OUR VILLAGE SCHOOL DOESN'T HAVE ANY USABLE TOILETS.  So every day, more than 400 students and their teachers go to the toilet in the school grounds, or the empty fields next door.  I've seen it, I've smelt it, and it sure isn't the most pleasant place to study.  You can see in the attached photos the broken toilets and open sewer that runs through the playground.  Not only is it a huge health risk, but research shows teenage girl's in India who attend a school with no working toilets, skip school up to 5 days a month when menstruating.  

Rather than just thinking that's terrible, this year we're going to do something about it.  We're going to build the school some new toilets.  Which is why I'm looking into toilets, to work out how many toilets we need, most water efficient designs, best septic tanks for different soil types, and plans for incinerators to dispose of sanitary items.  Rivetting stuff... but if we do it right, it will have a huge pay off for the children in our village in terms of health and education.  The good news is we already have one school in Brisbane who've offered to help raise funds for the construction of the new toilets.

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