Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harmonicas For The Boys - Karen's Visit

Thanks to our friend Paul, each of the boys now has his own harmonica to play.  The harmonicas caused quite a stir each time my bags went through airport x-ray machines in India.  "What are all these metal objects you have across the bottom of your bag?"  The security officers would demand, pointing at the x-ray image.  I think it looked like I was smuggling gold bars in ... I wish.  Then their faces would break into big smiles when I showed them what they were and explained who they were for. The night I gave them to the boys, it was quite hilarious seeing the looks on their faces when they blew into them for the first time.   Their eyes would widen, they'd stop to giggle and and then start blowing nonstop.  As I handed out more harmonicas, the "music" and laughter got louder and louder.  Everyone was playing random notes, yet it sounded quite melodious.  To see a video of the boys playing their harmonicas for the first time click here  I'm sure it will put a smile on your face.    Later that night, I watched as different boys went off to a quiet corner and sat with their eyes closed, experimenting with the different sounds they could make. If we'd let them, I think they would have kept playing for hours, but some of the adults were concerned the continuous sound might attract snakes like a snake charmer does.  (Yes they were seriously concerned). The next morning, when everyone came down dressed ready for school, every single boy had hidden his harmonica in a pocket, to show his friends.  Unfortunately we had to spoil their plans ... the risk of having a harmonica stolen, or catching a serious disease if others took a turn, was too great.   I'm looking forward to hearing what beautiful songs they've learnt to play when we visit them in February. To see the boys' thank you message click here.

The boys were delighted with their new harmonicas

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