Wednesday, May 23, 2012

March to April at Shalom

The second floor is looking really good now and Israel has managed to keep everything way under budget, which is great news.  Well done Israel. We're just waiting on the painters and tilers to complete their work.  Unfortunately power cuts have continued to increase as we head into the hotter weather, so the people making the bunk beds we've ordered for the boys are way behind schedule.  At this stage we're hoping everything will be finished so the boys can move upstairs in June.

Israel was planning to harvest the rice in the second week of April, but heavy rain at the beginning of the month meant we had to act quickly or risk losing the whole crop.  In the end we got everything harvested before the rains did too much damage and our yield was 113 bags, twice as many as last year.  This will give us plenty of food and some income from sales.

The freshly harvested fields

Bags of rice ready for storage

The boys filling the new duck pond with water

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