Friday, March 2, 2012

Hales Feb Visit - Trip To Black Thunder

Early in our visit we took the boys on an overnight trip to Coimbatore for a bit of fun and relaxation. After a 5 hour drive, we dropped in to see our friends Jo and Robin who are setting up a YWAM base there. Jo is from our home church while Robin is from the neighbouring state of Kerala. They have a beautiful baby boy Nathaniel. In the photo below, you can see everyone crammed into their sitting room enjoying snacks and cool drinks. Geoff and I stayed the night while the rest bunked down on the floor of a local church. The next day we went to Black Thunder Park which has lots of water slides, pools and rides. We received a surprise blessing when the management heard we were from a children’s home and gave us 50% off entry fees and a free meal each from the restaurant. It was so lovely to cool off in the pools and lots of fun going on the rides with the kids. Everyone had a fantastic time but the trip home was very quiet as children and adults slept most of the way – poor drivers, no one to chat to.

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