Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November News

Hooray! The rains have finally come...but when the monsoon breaks in India, it pours. The boys recently woke up to find a huge puddle of water surrounding them. The only way out was to wade through the water, and the bus was bogged for a couple of days.

The Home and bus surrounded by water.

The latest news
  • Thanks to the rain and our new bore, vegetable gardens and more banana trees are now being planted.
  • Unfortunately the rain has delayed work on the cow shed, but once it's done, Israel will buy the KBC Kid's Church cow.
  • One of the boy's Grandfathers has been appointed as the new cow and farm caretaker. His farming experience will be invaluable as Israel works to establish the farming side of things.
  • The nights are getting chillier, but thanks to the gift of new blankets from a local Pastor and his family, the boys are keeping warm.
  • Israel's been having trouble finding a replacement tutor from the local area, but it looks like Christy, (our old tutor) will be able to come out a few times from Madurai to help the boys on the weekends.
  • We now have sponsors for 3 of the boys, for which we are very thankful.

The baby goats are getting bigger now.

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