Wednesday, September 30, 2009

June 2008

In June Israel let us know they’d decided to take in some boy’s from poor village areas and look for a place to rent until they could afford to build. We decided we’d help with the costs of feeding and caring for the boys. Israel would be the main carer, assisted by David, the warden, and Elizabeth and Angel would do the cooking. At first, the boys slept at Pastor Daniels’ house but as numbers grew, no one was willing to rent them a house, so they started sleeping at the church and walked to Pastor Daniel’s house for their meals.

22 July 2008
The boys eating breakfast on the rooftop of Pastor Daniel’s house

22 July 2008

Ready for school in their new uniforms

9 August 2008

Pastor Daniel and the boys at the front of his house

7 September 2008

The boys with their new beds in the church yard

9 September 2008

As the nights got cooler new blankets were bought to keep warm

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